Well hey there. Just in case you were wondering who is really behind this little operation, let us introduce…the 2018 QYP Executive:

Group (6) USE


Charlotte Mann – Program CoordinatorCharlotte USE
Charlotte is in her final year of a Bachelor of Law at QUT. “I love QYP because it has given me an opportunity to be heard, immeasurable personal development and public speaking abilities, my closest friends, and my dream job – all because of a 10 minute online application 3 years ago.”
Drew Cutler – Youth Governor and Operations CoordinatorDrew USE
Drew works as an industrial lawyer. He also recently completed a Bachelor of Law. “Since starting the program in 2011, I’ve been able to see so many young people grow and develop in almost every facet. That’s what keeps bringing me back to the program, and I’m excited to see it all happen again in 2018.”
Jack Hill – Media OfficerJack USE USE
Jack is in his second year of a Bachelor of Science at UQ, and researches with the UQ Biohydrodynamics Lab. He works as an Online Content Officer for the UQ Faculty of Science. “Parliament is the QYP highlight for me. The jocular banter and in-jokes mixed amongst serious issues-based debate makes for such a unique and enjoyable forum.”
Jordan Duffey – Media OfficerJordan
Jordan is in his fourth year of a dual Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts, and volunteers with numerous UQ Clubs and Societies. “QYP allows Youth Members to feel empowered within their communities and to have their voice heard.”
Alexandria Brown – Administration/Welfare OfficerAlex
Alex is in her third year of a dual Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Science at QUT. “My favourite part about being a QYP participant was seeing how the program opened up so many opportunities for both myself and my fellow Youth Members.”
Lachlan Sands – Administration/Welfare Officer
Lachlan is currently studying Journalism and Politics at UQ.  “I love QYP because the program offers so much to so many people. Everyone gets something out of the program whilst having a fantastic time.”
Chelsea Clarkson – Parliamentary OfficerChelsea 2
Chelsea works at the Supreme and District Courts. “What I love most about QYP is being able to engage with new young people every year and hear new ideas, new opinions, and get new inspiration.”
Benjamin Crowley – Parliamentary OfficerCrowley
Ben is in his second year of a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Commerce, and a Diploma of French, at UQ. “The QYP clan of determined young people who desire change and know exactly how to get change – it’s one-of-a-kind.
Amy Hanrahan – Community Engagement OfficerAmy
Amy is looking to study a Bachelor of Business and uses her spare time to volunteer in her community. I love QYP because it’s a place where everyone fits; supported in your ideas no matter your gender, race or status.”
Patrick Riches – Recreation/Sponsorship OfficerPatrick
Partick is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at QUT. “QYP was truly an incredible and life changing experience; it gave me the confidence and tenacity that has enabled me to tackle any challenge in my chosen field.”
Chloe Lynch – Recreation/Sponsorship OfficerChloe
Chloe is in her second year of a Bachelor of Primary Education at Griffith University. “My favourite part of QYP was being given the opportunity to meet with amazing, like-minded young people from all around Queensland, and discuss the issues and ideas that were important to us.”
Logan Muller – Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation MentorLogan (DSITI)
Logan is currently working for RACQ within their banking section, and developing strategies to expand their brand. She is also involved in their lending and basic bank functions. “My favourite part of QYP are our days in Parliament – especially the [Private Members Statements] – because I can watch every Youth Member speak about something they are passionate about.”
Martin Boga – Department of Communities and Social Services MentorMartin (DCSS)
Martin is currently in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Law (Honours) at QUT. He works as an accounts associate in a finance firm. “My favourite part of QYP is watching people grow from super timid and quiet to absolute powerhouses who fight to speak up for what they believe in.”
Isabella Pennings – Department of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources MentorIssy (DAENR)
Issy is in her second year of a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UQ. “QYP allows young people to be heard in a political system which generally disenfranchises them.”
Kathryn Schmidt – Department of Justice and Attorney General MentorKatie (DJAG)
Katie is a practicing lawyer in the state of Queensland. “The solidarity that develops within the group throughout Residential Sitting Week. To know you belong to such a supportive and dynamic group of engaged young people, who care as much as you do, is a special feeling.”
TJ Morley-Buchanan – Department of Transport and Main Roads MentorTJ (DTMR) USE
TJ is currently in his first year of a Bachelor of Psychology at QUT. “I loved sharing different experiences and perspectives in order to understand ourselves and the world around us.”
Yolanda Lovie-Toon – Department of Health and Disability Services MentorYolanda (DHDS)
Yolanda is in the 3rd year of her PhD at QUT, focusing on the burden of acute respiratory infections in children. “QYP is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and young people around you to become stronger, more effective leaders, critical thinkers and contributors to your community.”
Liam Farrant – Department of Education and Training MentorLiam
Liam is in his second year of a dual Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Education at ACU. “QYP is a life-changing experience, that opens your eyes to what Parliament is really like.”
Ebony-Lee Corbyn – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships MentorEbony (DATSIP)
Ebony is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Law and Justice at QUT. She works in the mental health sector.  “I love QYP because it gives a voice to young people across the state and combats the idea that youth are complacent in the current political climate. The program empowers and inspires our communities, to be better.”


This blog was originally founded in 2016 as You Will Find. It was continued in 2017 as Be The Change. The work of past Media Officers in this blog’s continued success is one that present Executive are extremely grateful for.