The internet is a wonderful place. It’s where we can meet and connect with people. Grow and share new ideas. Read websites like ours.

But – it can also be slightly scary at times.

We want Your Voice Heard  to be a website where people feel safe. We want every reader and contributor treated with care and respect.

We want the etiquette of commenting on our website to mirror what you’re like when you talk with friends.

You can debate, chat, agree, and do all the other things friends do – but always keep it friendly and kind.

Comment your opinion, but not at the expense of hurting other people.

For a more specific rundown, our policies when it comes to commenting are:

    1. Keep it friendly. Peaceful. Your comment should in no way be abusive to members of the Your Voice Heard team or community. Your comment cannot discriminate against another person (whether that be gender or sex, race, colour, faith, sexuality, physicality, ability, political persuasion, social origin, property, birth status, or language). If you do that, you will not be allowed to comment. Period.
    2. To ensure that Policy 1 is adhered to, comments will be moderated before they can be seen by the public.
    3. As comments are moderated, they won’t be posted automatically. If your comment does not appear on the website within 48 hours and you don’t believe it has violated our commenting guidelines, then drop us an email:
    4. The Your Voice Heard team, including the publishers, editors and 2018 QYP executive, have full discretion to allow, disallow, mark as spam and block comments.
    5. If you violate our commenting guidelines, the Your Voice Heard team have the discretion to block you from commenting. You have been warned.
    6. To post a comment, you must include your name and email. We promise your email will not be publicly released..
    7. Keep your comment relevant to the conversation. We want the conversation to grow and be exciting, so make sure you keep on track with the topic.
    8. Please limit the links/URLs you post on your comment. For technical reasons, if you post more than two links in a comment it is often considered spam. So, let’s keep those links down.
    9. All comments are the opinions of individuals and are not necessarily representative of Your Voice Heard, the YMCA, or the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament.

That’s all. Have fun commenting!