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Parliament for sale

There’s an important issue in modern Australia that is often overlooked. An issue that threatens the core values of our Parliamentary system: corporate donations. These vast sums given to our politicians shouldn’t be called ‘donations’ anymore. They’re bare-faced bribes.

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A national identity crisis

When I was in grade seven, my teacher asked us to write about the “Australian Identity.” I sit here wishing I could go back to that project and live in that moment, rather than letting life confuse me. After years of deliberation I can’t seem to answer the question any more. I don’t know what Australia’s identity is…

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Rainfall in the Outback

Living in Mount Isa has its pros and cons. As a mining city located somewhere in the middle of nowhere, it is shockingly hot. With this extreme heat comes a predictable lack of rain, and after ten years living in Mt Isa, I have observed clouds skirting the city time and time again. Countless theories have tried to answer the age-old question: ‘Why?

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Connected, but not secure

Many people agree that the use of social media is making them more social and connected to the rest of society.  However, others argue that social media is having the opposite effect. So: is social media making us more or less social? Is it changing the way we interact with people on a daily basis? Is it having a positive or negative impact on society? 

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Is it time for a massive overhaul of Brisbane’s bus network?

Inefficient, unreliable, infrequent, unaffordable: every day, more people are becoming fed up with the current public transport system. Is it time for a massive overhaul of our bus network? Continue reading “Is it time for a massive overhaul of Brisbane’s bus network?”

Unite to help us beat breast cancer

Tracey is an incredibly supportive, enthusiastic person, a talented artist, a wonderful friend, and a woman fighting metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer. She is one of 48 diagnosed daily.

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Sustainable urban development?

Without a doubt, new developments are needed to service a rapidly growing population. However, if governments and councils aren’t prepared for this growth, the consequences can be catastrophic.

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Construct your criticism

We cannot simply place ourselves in a position where we religiously believe the dogma of a specific side of politics. We must inform ourselves, so that we can make the best decisions, and have calm and reasonable disagreements.

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Marriage and kids? Maybe.

“Somewhere along the line, our society decided to impose rigid ideals for the milestones of life. The problem is that if you don’t meet these elusive benchmarks, you’re often seen as failing the game of life.” Continue reading “Marriage and kids? Maybe.”

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