Your Voice Heard is written by young people, for all people.

We publish a diverse range of opinions that young people feel incredibly passionate about.

Whether it be legislative reform for domestic violence, stigma pertaining to mental health, or the inclusion of regional Australians, we want to talk about it, and about how we can move towards real action. We are fundamentally committed to raising the voice of youths and providing them a platform to be heard (and read) by all.

It’s important to understand when reading our website: we are not one opinion. Youths have a range of opinions and occasionally, they conflict with one another. The only way change is created is through difference of opinion, or approaches, so we can continue moving forward.

At times, our website may publish opinions that are not representative of the Editors, however, that reinforces our commitment to ensure all voices are read and not filtered out.

Our core values

Whilst Your Voice Heard is deeply committed to presenting the voice of youths, we have a few core values that our website is founded upon:

  1. We are part of an overarching program, YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. The opinions published on our website are not necessarily reflective of the YMCA or YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament program.
  2. We are an apolitical website. We publish opinions on political issues and political policy, however, in no way are we persuaded to one political party, or the others.
  3. We publish youth voices and believe in the right to be heard, however, that does not allow contributors or readers/commenters to misrepresent an issue, or bully, abuse or discriminate our community members. Refer to our Comments Policy for more information.
  4. We publish every voice, regardless of their sex or gender, race, colour, faith, sexuality, physicality, ability, political persuasion, social origin, property, birth status, or language.

How are we involved with the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament?

Your Voice Heard is an ongoing project delivered by the 2018 executive of Queensland Youth Parliament. Most of our contributors are aged between 15 – 25, and have been involved in the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament.

To find out more about the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament program, please visit YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament.